Raja Ampat to Indonesia’s Cenderawasih Bay liveaboard adventure
    on Damai I via Mapia

    30 June -12 July 2024 (12 Nights)
    Sorong to Nabire

    Twin $7380 / Single $9540 / Stateroom 5 $7980 / Stateroom 6 $8820

    All-inclusive fees for:
    repeat guests $312 & new guests $444


    Liveaboard Adventures cruise will be departing from Sorong, on Damai I with the first days being spent in the north of Raja Ampat around the world-famous Dampier Straits, diving iconic sites like Cape Kri, Blue Magic, and Mioskon enjoying the schooling fish, cruising sharks, and maybe rays and pygmy seahorses. We will head east to Mapia (weather permitting), which sits close to a military base and contains an underwater world that is pristine and untouched, and onwards to Pulau Manim island-hopping the atolls as we go.

    Experience the thrill of spending quality time in the water with whale sharks. Dive around the bagans (floating fishing platforms) and watch as the normally plankton-eating sharks enjoy their free dinner from the local fisherman.

    Cenderawasih Bay liveaboard trips offer you the unique opportunity of spending hours diving or snorkeling with multiple Whale Sharks and Damai regularly sees the sub-adults around the local fishing platforms in only a few meters of water. However, the area also boasts an incredibly rich history from the many battles between Allied and Japanese forces in the area during WWII, and the area is littered with diveable wrecks of aircraft and ships. Finally, there are the unique biological aspects of the bay. Geologically the area has been isolated for many millions of years and as a result, many unique and endemic species have developed. Fish and creature watchers will be delighted by many species that they will have never seen before.

    All-inclusive fee covers:

    • Nitrox
    • Three dive guides minimum
    • No Limits on your dive time
    • Soft Drinks
    • One glass of Wine with Dinner
    • Beer
    • Massage
    • Dive Gear
    • Laundry
    • Harbor fees

    Additional Costs:

    • Park Fees to be determined and to be paid on board
    • Crew Tip


    * Dive Damai reserves the right to change the rate pricing at any time based on current currency exchange rates

    ** Dive Damai reserves the right to impose a fuel surcharge if the price of fuel rises above $130 a barrel

    Alternatively, please refer to the Non-all-inclusive package charges breakdown on Dive Damai rates page – other fees.

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