If people probably heard about the Galapagos Islands, Malpeo or Layang Layang for their shoals of Great hammerhead sharks, the Banda Sea and its Ring of Fire is a rare fortune to dive with hammerhead sharks and other pelagic in the hot waters of Indonesia. On the top 5 areas to encounter Squat-headed and Scalloped Hammerheads, our cruises will take you to remote spots for an unforgettable diving experience.

    Whales also frequently pass through the strait. Walls, drop-offs, boomies, and pinnacles so colorful and so healthy!

    The Banda Sea is characterized by very good visibility. Warm waters. Some exceptional dive sites as “Too Many fish” in Koon, a great wall with incredible fish life, Manuk with so many sea snakes, Nil Desperendum and its Hammerhead sharks, and many more that we prefer to keep secret. Walls on the islands around Banda Neira.

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