Located between Raja Ampat & Eastern Kalimantan the Molucca Sea & Halmahera region offers divers the opportunity to embark on some true world class diving. KM Raja Manta offers safaris that cross the Molucca Sea from Sorong to Manado as well as cruises departing and returning to Manado to the remote & largely unexplored Bangka & Sangihe islands. These trips will thrill even the most experienced of divers. Take this once in a life time opportunity to explore remote volcanic islands with uncrowded and rarely visited divesites, amazing scenery both above and below the water, pelagic action in stunning visibility and some of the world’s best muck diving for lovers of weird & wonderful critters, all within the heart of the coral triangle.

    With breath-taking scenery both above and below, these trips take in some of the most remote and exclusive destinations visited by the Manta fleet. Volcanos, flora, fauna, deserted beaches, mangroves, and exotic birds will provide an incredible back drop top side whilst below the waves is equally jaw dropping with underwater volcanic landscapes rich in nutrients & bio-diversity both large & small. From spectacular full-on adrenaline dives to long slow relaxed macro spotting dives, these are cruises that really do have something for everyone.

    Currently our New White Manta crosses the Halmahera sea from Sorong to Manado at the end of the Raja Ampat season (April/May) and back to Sorong from Manado (Aug/Sep). Our Lembeh-Bangka-Sangihe Island trips follow each crossing to/from Sorong. Please check Raja Manta trip schedules for upcoming availability & schedules.


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