Some of the most prolific Waters of Indonesia are found around the west and southwest coast of Halmahera. A fantastic show! Good critters in the south and around Bacan Strait, great fish action in Goraici and Hiri. It is bound to be a hot spot, the best is still to be discovered! Diving in Halmahera offers a variety of underwater experiences including a spattering of wrecks in the north, some world-class muck diving sites in the south, and some of the best examples of hard coral gardens in Indonesia.

    Halmahera liveaboard trips offer divers the chance to dive all corners of this remote and diverse archipelago. North of the Banda Sea and west of the world-famous Raja Ampat lies this underpopulated island and its neighbouring archipelago of volcanoes, sandy islands and mangroves.

    Visit the drop-offs in south Bacan to see Barracuda, the islands of Goraici to enjoy schooling reef fish and bait balls attracting numerous hunters, tunas, and mackerel and hunt under the docks at Makian and Leilei for critters. This is definitely a hot spot and we believe the best is still to be discovered!


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