Papua New Guinea

Jen, Alana and all their guest had a wonderful time in Papua New Guinea, especially when a pod of dolphins decided to spend some time up close and personal with them on a dive during their stay at … [Read more...]

Carpe Vita Explorer

Overview: The M/V Carpe Vita Explorer, began service in February 2011 and is a very exciting and luxurious addition to the Explorer Ventures Fleet! This new 20-passenger, 125 foot wooden-hull safari … [Read more...]

Government Travel Info

TSA For Travelers -  page for useful tips! US State Department for more information about various travel related topics. Centers for Disease Control - page for travelers … [Read more...]

Diver News

Diveguide for divers to provide a complete guide for people of all experience levels. They work as an extensive online catalog connecting the traveling diver who wants to research their options before … [Read more...]


As with all sports, accidents can happen. If you would like additional protection for your dive vacations we recommend MedjetAssist as a good source for emergency evacuations. CLICK HEREto visit … [Read more...]


Need Trip Insurance? Check out DiveAssure to see your options in protecting yourself and ensuring everything is covered. DiveAssure is a Membership Association. As a member of DiveAssure, you … [Read more...]

Divers Alert Network

  Need Trip Insurance? Dive with peace of mind knowing you are covered in case the unexpected happens. DAN offers three dive accident insurance plans to provide the coverage you need. Insurance … [Read more...]

Atmosphere Resorts & Spa

Overview: Indulge yourself and surrender to Atmosphere where the warmest of Philippine hospitality is combined with first class amenities and service to bring you an unforgettable experience within … [Read more...]

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