About Destination:

Fiji dazzles everone with its bright corals and huge sea fans surrounded by clownfish ornate ghost pipefish and nudibranchs. But it does not stop there, Fiji also comes with schooling pelagics. Make sure you turn from the bright corals and look for barracuda, reef sharks, mentas, tuna and the occasional pilot whale! There is no shortage of marine life large and small in the waters of Fiji.

To top off your exciting diving adventure, experience some of Fiji’s local culture. Visit a Fijian village on one of the remote islands including a Kava ceremony and warrior dance. All guests are required to wear a traditional sulu (sarong or wrap) so either bring your own or we will gladly provide one for you!

Best Time to Go:

Fiji’s prime diving season (winter in Fiji) is considered to be April- October with visibility frequently reaching 150′, with less rain, sunny skies but cooler ocean and air temperatures reaching extremes of 74F and as low as 68F.

The Summer, November-March offers considerably warmer temperatures both in the water (82-84F and above 85+F), more rain, sometimes less visibility but this is the time of year when the plankton feeders like manta rays are far more likely to grace you with their presence.

Getting There:

Air Pacific provides non-stop flights (only approx 9-9 1/2 hours, overnight) every day of the week except Wednesdays & Fridays from Los Angeles to Nadi with connecting flights on Sun Pacific to Suva- combined cost usually under US $1,500.

Air Pacific is a member of the One World Alliance so code share flights and mileage benefits on US carriers like American Airlines are available.

The Island Dancer II departs from the Novotel in Suva, a short ride from the airport. Direct flights from several major worldwide cities make diving in Fiji a definite addition to your logbook.

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