Solomon Islands

About Destination:

Solomon Islands is an island nation located in the southwest Pacific, 1,500 miles west of Fiji and 1,200 miles northeast of Australia.

The Diving:

The walls, reefs, pinnacles and coral gardens of Solomon Islands support an amazing variety and quantity of sea creatures. Within a few yards of each other, individually or in schools can be seen anemone fish, angel fish, butterfly fish, humphead parrot fish and other reef dwellers while just a short distance away schools of barracuda, big-eye trevally and other pelagics cruise in the blue waters.

Popular with underwater photographers and those with a keen eye for the small and unusual critters are “muck dives”. The amount and variety of sealife is astounding. Manta shrimp, ghost pipefish, and pygmy seahorses are only a few examples of what you may find.

Getting There:

Most travelers from North America fly from Los Angeles through Brisbane, Australia, or Nadi Fiji. There are also flights from Port Moresby, PNG. European travelers often fly into Brisbane via Thailand, Singapore or Hong Kon. Solomon Airlines is the international carrier connecting Honiara, the capital city of the Solomon Islands, to Fiji and Australia. In addition Air Pacific provides weekly service to and from Nadi, Fiji, and Air Niugini provides service to PNG. Virgin Airlines also has twice weekly flights between Brisbane and Honiara. Flights are limited, one of the reasons the diving is still so pristine.

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