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If you want a great getaway between your dive trips we recommend UBUD just to the north of Bali. Lots of great restaurants, shopping and some great sights. If you are going to go up and stay for a while we suggest Murni’s House. She has been in Ubus before it was on the map as a get away place to go. He prices are very reasonable.






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Secrets of Bali, Fresh Light on the Morning of the World
Murni’s Bali Tours, Where to go, What to do and How to do it
Forty Delicious Years, 1974-2014, Murni’s Warung, Ubud, Bali
Murni’s Very Personal Guide to Ubud
From Tattoos to Textiles, Murni’s Guide to Asian Textiles, All You Need to Know…And More
The Bangkok Story, an historical guide to the most exciting city in the World
Walking Tour of Rye, the most beautiful town in England
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Murni and Jonathan’s Bali Blog
An eclectic blog concentrating on Bali but taking in the World

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