About Destination:

At Blue Corner you’ll be greeted by gray reef and white tip sharks, Napoleon Wrasse, spotted eagle rays, schooling jacks and barracuda and more.

Peleliu Corner, where the ocean currents converge to make up some of the strongest currents you’ll ever experience, is home to large numbers of tropical fish and a variety of corals including soft, cable and black. Sea fans decorate the wall while large pelagic fish cruise around Peleliu Corner.

Remnants of WWII are still visible throughout Palau today, including many ship and plane wrecks resting at the bottom of Palau’s inner lagoon. Japanese Zero, one of the most famous, lies in only five feet of water just waiting to be explored.

Best Time to Go:

Palau’s Rock Islands are a destination that offers great diving year round. The wet season is between May and September. February to April is considered the dry season, but typically it rains about one day each week. The water temperature ranges from 82 to 85 F year round but with five dives a day, a wet suit is recommended.

Getting There:

Palau’s International Airport is Koror Airport in Koror, the capital of Palau.

From the western seaboard of the United States, you can hop to Hawaii to Guam, then go on to Palau. For a scenic island route, you can do an island hop across Micronesia to Palau. Through Asia, there are twice weekly charter services between Taipei, Taiwan and Palau and additional flights are also available during peak seasons. From Europe, visitors can fly via Emerates direct to manila, Philippines and onwards with Continental Airlines to Palau- this is possible without overnight stay in manila.

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