Indonesia is a land of adventure and excitement. Straddling the equator, Indonesia tends to have a fairly even climate year-round. It is a large archipelago with rough terrain, but is cheap and effortless to enjoy. Accommodation is usually the greatest expense of Indonesian travel, but it still remains one of the cheapest travel destinations in Asia.

When traveling to Indonesia, the right preparation can make all the difference! So, do not leave home without these things first:

  • Checking the visa situation, which is constantly changing
  • An emergency stash of money for isolated and remote areas
  • Sun protection- hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc.
  • Sturdy boots and sandals
  • An empty bag- to bring any purchases home
  • Waterproof jacket

There are many exciting things to do in Indonesia such as:

  • Visiting the mummies, markets and taking in the culture of Papua’s Baliem Valley.
  • Trekking through coffee plantations and waterfalls around Bali’s Munduk.
  • Taking in the sight of deserted islands, volcanoes and jungles.
  • Enjoy the smiling faces of the locals.
  • Dive some of the best dive sites in the world.
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