About Destination:

Bahamas is a popular tourist destination, but not everyone realizes that these islands don’t just present you with beautiful scenery like blue skies, turqoise ocean, swaying palm trees and white sandy beaches. Just below the surface is another world that includes painted walls, adrenaline pumping shark encounters, drift dives and mysterious blue holes. Visit Exuma National Park, where miles of underwater gardens and countless numbers of fish, corals and other sealife have been protected for over 30 years.

Enjoy Bahamas with no crowds, and nothing to do but sit back, relax and choose from an exciting variety of liveaboard activities including kayaking, snorkeling, sunbathing, island exploring and our favorite, DIVING!


The weather in the southern Bahamas is fairly consistent year-round. The temperatures range from the 70’s (F) or higher in the winter months to the low 90’s during the summer, with nearly constant sea breezes. Water temperatures range from a low of about 72 degrees F in winter to a high of about 82 degrees F in summer.

Top Dive Sites-

– Nassau-

  • Lost Blue Hole
  • Periwinkle Reef
– Exumas-
  • Amberjack Reef
  • Austin Smith Wreck
  • Barracuda Shoals
  • Blacktip Wall
  • Cathedral
  • Cracked Coral Head
  • Jeep Reef
  • Pillar Wall
  • The Washing Machine
  • Wax Cut Drift
  • Whale Tail Wall
– Southwest Eleuthera-
  • Cave Rock
  • Monolith
– Little San Sal (Half Moon Cay)-
  • Cave Reef
  • Empress Pinnacles

Best Time to Go:

Anytime is good for diving, but the best time for viewing big sharks is during the summer months when the weather is a bit wilder. Water temperatures range from an average of 76F in winter to 84F in summer. The topside temperatures are fairly consistent averaging about 82F and usually accompanied by a mild breeze. Underwater visibility can be 200 ft plus.


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