Turks & Caicos Aggressor

Overview: Unlimited diving from the mothership including night dives Warm water, 76 to 82 F, with visibility averaging 100 feet. Rental dive gear available. Certification and specialty … [Read more...]

Palau Aggressor II

Overview: Enjoy freshwater lakes, sparkling caves, shark-infested channels, and coral-encrusted WWII wreck. Aboard the 106-foot catamaran Palau Aggressor II up to 18 divers will be offered … [Read more...]

Okeanos Aggressor

Overview: Located 300 miles southwest of Costa Rica, lies the famous Cocos Island Marine Park, a World Heritage Site. The island's estimated size is five by two miles, approximately eight by three … [Read more...]

Maldives Aggressor

Overview: There are three distinctly different types of diving: inside the atolls, outside the atolls and inside the channels or passes, which is where the currents are strongest and you'll find the … [Read more...]

Kona Aggressor II

Overview: The Big Island's volcanic underwater topography is a diver's wonderland. Lava tubes, bommies, arches and huge craters like "Au Au Crater," create a spectacular backdrop for Hawaii's many … [Read more...]

Galapagos Aggressor I & II

Overview: Galapagos is one of the most exciting destinations in the world. Guests will have the opportunity to dive with playful Sea Lions, travel to the famous Darwin and Wolf for thrilling diving … [Read more...]

Cayman Aggressor III

Overview: Cayman Aggressor III allows divers to efficiently cover all three of the Cayman Islands in one shot. A luxury liveaboard with one "Master" stateroom, six "Deluxe" staterooms, and two "Twin" … [Read more...]

Belize Aggressor III

Overview: Take a trip on the Belize Aggressor III, with a maximum number of 18 passengers in 9 deluxe staterooms you can enjoy all that Belize has to offer. You can enjoy the diving and the abundant … [Read more...]

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