Explore the majestic underwater world of the Indonesian archipelago and treat yourself to some 5 star accommodation along the way. The Arenui Boutique Liveaboard is a traditional and magnificent Phinisi, a classic Indonesian wooden sailing vessel, and a work of art in itself with its wooden detailing and decorative touches. As you unwind in exceptionally spacious cabins, tastefully furnished with exquisite handicrafts from each of the Indonesian provinces, rest easy knowing the boat used 70% recycled wood. Relax with professional massage and spa treatment or enjoy the view from the fabulous skydeck. Arenui believes that, even when sailing around remote islands, there’s no reason to forego fine dining – offering sumptuous buffets but also daily a-la-carte menus. After all, a relaxing meal prepared with care and style is the best way to remain full of energy for the next dive! When it comes to the dive itineraries, the Arenui has chosen the best dive sites and the best times of year to explore these world famous destinations. With 22 crew (including 2 western cruise directors and 3 local dive guides) serving a maximum of 16 guests, enjoy a truly relaxing and first-class experience!


Each of the Arenui’s cabins have been decorated and furnished in a stylish and inspirational manner according to a specific theme. Each cabin, has a private en-suite bathroom and individually controlled air conditioning. A king-size bed and separate salon area assures their guests’ comfort.

  • Rama Cabin
  • Shinta Cabin
  • Barong Cabin
  • Ganesh Cabin
  • Garuda Cabin
  • Legong Cabin
  • Toraja Cabin
  • Rama Cabin


The Arenui has given the same attention to making their meals extraordinary, from the setting to the decor and choice of dishes. Rather than the typical dive liveaboard buffet style, you will be able to choose from a daily A la carte menus. Their food is plentiful and fresh and centered around local and flown-in ingredients. Their internationally trained chefs add a touch of their own magic, drawing inspiration from local and international cuisine.

Sample Itinerary:

  • 6-7AM- Wake up in a remote paradise, head out to the restaurant area and start the day with a ‘small breakfast’ of toast, pastries, fruit, coffee and juice. One of the cruise directors gives a full dive brief, using two TV screens to highlight the dive site map and a recommended route to explore the reef, and also uses the fish ID books to show photos of the popular critters you might see that are special to that site.
  • 8AM- First dive of the day. Grab rash-guard, mask, booties and fins, then pass crew the camera to put in a plastic basket and take to the tender. Step down into the tender and check over BCD (already waiting for you,setup and ready to go). Quick 2-3 mins ride out to the site, gear up and then back roll into the water. Probably a deeper dive, perhaps a nice slow drift or maybe a good chance to hook onto the sea bed and watch some early morning fish action. Pop up (after safety stop) to find tender waiting at the surface. Head back to boat and crew member hands over a warm towel to dry off!
  • 9:30AM- Time for the ‘big breakfast’ now, with a full spread of hot items and eggs cooked to request (before the first dive you’ll be asked how you’d like your eggs so they can prepare and have everything ready after the dive). Relax on the sky lounge, go for a nap in your cabin or complete log books. Thirty minutes before the dive time it’s another dive briefing, with map, route, photos.
  • 11:30AM- Second dive of the day. Good time to take out the underwater camera and try for some images in good light. Test out some fun sun-burst photos using your dive buddy as a model.
  • 1PM- If it’s not dive-time then it must be food-time. Lunch is a mouth-watering buffet of local and western food with healthy salads and vegetables to make sure everyone’s feeling fit and healthy for the next dive. Perhaps time to pop up to the sky lounge for a short cat- nap, or to read a good book or chat with other guests and crew. Step in to say hello to the captain in the wheelhouse and ask him about the beautiful island you’re sailing past. Back down to the restaurant for a full dive briefing.
  • 3PM- Third dive of the day. Fueled by a tasty lunch, drop in for a current dive and try to keep up with the schools of fish
  • 4:30PM- Chef puts out some tasty snacks, savory and sweet. Try to resist eating too much, but it’s all so delicious and you have the excuse of needing energy for all this diving! Time to decide whether to do the night dive or not. If not, there’s the option of an early dinner so not eating too late.
  • 5PM- Find some time between reading, chatting, snacking and looking at photos on the computer, to get a back massage. Fragrant massage oils smell great, mixing with the salty ocean breeze. Now it’s decision time; sunset cocktail or a last dive? There’s time later for a drink with the stars instead, so head down for a dive briefing to find out what’s in store on this night dive.
  • 6:30PM- Fourth dive of the day. Well worth skipping the cocktail, as the reef is alive with weird and wonderful creatures. Eagle-eyed dive guide points out tiny bits of fluff that turn out to be minute species, rarely seen. After the dive, head back to the boat through inky black water under a canopy of stars. Crew member has a hot towel and a cup of hot chocolate ready and waiting!
  • 8PM- Take a seat in the sky restaurant on the top deck under the stars, with fellow divers, to discuss the day’s highlights, while tucking into the starter laid out at the table. Soup is next, then crew serves up the main course (chosen earlier, at lunch time, from menu that changes daily) and everyone toasts to a great day of diving. After a delicious desert there’s time for a short movie. Someone’s downloading photos onto one of the computers in the restaurant (windows or mac setup) and having a go at editing the best shots.
  • 9Pm- Seems like a great opportunity to get some night photos, so try out different settings to get a nice night-skky, starry image. Look out over the peaceful calm waters. Imagine the activity going on beneath the surface, as night-time critters go about their business. Plan ahead for tomorrow; perhaps take one of the kayaks for a closer look at the islands. There’s talk of visiting a village too, to meet some locals and buy some souvenirs. Or maybe another massage!!!

The Diving:


Main Destinations:

  • Komodo: Drift diving, pelagics melting pot and critters maze: dive in one of the world’s busiest hubs of underwater activity
  • Bone Rate & Selayar: One of Indonesia’s last unveiled treasures
  • Alor & FLores: An undisclosed diving treasure. Your craving for adventure will be fulfilled while sailing on the Arenui Liveaboard in these awe-inspiring water full of unexplored treasures
  • Maluku: The unspoiled beauty of a remote paradise. These rarely visited seas have some of the world’s richest marine environments filled with unspoiled corals, tiny critters as well as pelagics
  • Raja Ampat: The most striking biodiversity on our planet
  • Cenderawasih Bay: Biak, Manokwari, Mapia Atoll: The best exploratory dive trip you can imagine
  • Central Sulawesi: Togean & Banggai: One of the world’s most remarkable places for coral reef diversity
  • North Sulawesi: Manado & Lembeh: Critters extravaganza and breathtaking walls


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