Tufi Resort


Tufi Resort is one of the few destinations in Papua New Guinea to offer all year round diving.

The clear, calm and protected waters of the tropical fjords are perfect for macro and muck diving, such as the popular House Reef, which is only 3 minutes walk from the resort.

The nearest open water reef is just 15 minutes by boat. This diving paradise has over 30 major dive sites in the nearby tropical waters of the Solomon Sea, with many unchartered reefs waiting to be explored.


The resort is perched on an amazing, cliff-top terrace overlooking Tufi Harbor. The deluxe bungalows have polished timber floors and the walls are lined with traditional woven material. All the creature comforts are available, including insect screens, 24 hour electricity, air-conditioning, hot water, bedroom with en-suite, bar fridge, coffee and tea making facilities. Most bungalows have verandas overlooking the Coral Sea or Tufi fjord.

  • Deluxe Bungalows: fully air-conditioned, screened and fanned, with private balconies and en-suite facilities.
  • Standard Bungalows: air-conditioned, screened and fanned, en-suite facilities, some with private balconies some without.
  • Family Bungalows: two adjoining standard bungalows sharing a common bathroom.

Amenities include BBQ and dining settings, in-ground pool with views of the fjord below. The main building is a remarkable design that incorporates the reception, gift shop, library and restaurant and al fresco bar.


Dine on a smorgasbord of local seafood, vegetables and tropical fruits in the resort dining room or enjoy a BBQ grill on the Fjord Terrace accompanied by a wide selection of wines and ice-cold beer. Tufi provides gourmet-style meals with a strong emphasis on the local reef fish and seafood. They provide also a range of western cuisine including meat and chicken dishes as well as an array of local cuisine specialty dishes.


Tufi offers a large variety of activities to satisfy every guest.

  • Fishing
  • Bush & nature walks
  • Snorkeling
  • Canoeing
  • Traditional outrigger safaris
  • Kayaking
  • Trekking
  • Bird watching
  • Beach BBQ and great cultural interaction in the village
  • Demonstrations: Sago-making, net & spear works, tapa printing, face & body tattooing.

The Diving:

Tufi offers a wide variety of diving experiences. From diving the fjords to unchartered reefs and WW2 wrecks. Constant visibility of 30 metres plus and warm water temperatures all year round.

Dive the fjords, experience their unique macro world and check out the WW2 PT boat wrecks. Day or night a wide variety of gobie, nudibranchs, Mandarin Fish, Ghost Pipe Fish, Pigmy Seahorse and a plethora of other fascinating creatures. A wonderful array of sponge and shelf corals that line the walls of the tropical rainforest fjord, a truly different environment.

Dive the famous Dutch cargo ship the “S Jacob” or Black jack- and intact B17 bomber- as specialty charter dives. Or enjoy the bommies that come up from a staggering depth of up to 600 m to a nice safety-stop level of 7-5 m below the surface.

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