Wind Dancer


The 300 mile voyage to a natural wonder of the world. Cocos is the only island in the tropical eastern Pacific with a tropical rainforest. Its position as the first point of contact with the northern equatorial counter-current, and the myriad interactions between the island and the surrounding marine ecosystem, make the area an ideal laboratory for the study and observation of life both above and below the surface.


Cruising the scenic waters of Cocos Island, Wind Dancer is a 120-foot steel mono hull vessel that accommodates 22 passengers. Wind Dancer features 9 well appointed staterooms each air-conditioned and with ensuite facilities plus 2 newly constructed luxury suites. Wind Dancer also features all the standard perks of the Dancer Fleet and has plenty of areas to relax and hang out in between dives.

When not diving, guests can gather on the Lido Deck, sunbathe or just relax on the covered and uncovered sun deck or cool off in the comfortable, air conditioned salon. Wind Dancer dives are made from 2 dive tenders, each capable of carrying 11 divers plus crew.

The Diving:

  • Alcyone
  • Big Dos Amigos
  • Bird Island, Chatham Bay
  • Dirty Rock
  • Lone Stone
  • Manuelita
  • Special Sightings
  • Ubing Rock,Wafer Bay

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