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Solmar V takes advantage of weather patterns to provide optimal diving year-round. They journey through the eastern Pacific Ocean to the Revillagigedos Islands- more commonly known as the Socorro Islands- to dance with the Giant Pacific manta ray, cavort with dolphins, dodge seven different species of sharks and thrill to an occasional lucky interaction with the migrating humpback whale population.

The Sea of Cortez is one of the youngest and most fertile seas on earth, and Solmar V has been diving there for over 25 years.

In August and September they are based in Ensenada, Mexico and follow the ultimate apex predator to Guadalupe Island, 180 miles offshore. This is rapidly becoming the world’s best location to dive in custom-built cages with great white sharks. Because they use hookah instead of scuba tanks on these trips, you do not need to be a certified scuba diver to enjoy the rush of going eye to eye with a great white shark.


The interior of the Solmar V is outfitted in brass, rich mahogany, granite table tops and is completely carpeted. It is a gracious and beautiful boat. The salon comfortably seats all of their guests and offers a large-screen HDTV, VCR, DVD player and stereo system.

Staterooms- Each mahogany-detailed stateroom features air conditioning with individual controls, a private head, sink and shower and a TV/DVD player for your enjoyment. All staterooms have top-of-the-line “Pillow-Top” mattresses and down pillows, and new carpet.

Computer stations are available for use by guests for checking email, downloading and archiving images, and image processing using Adobe Photoshop.


You will be well-fed from the time you set foot on board until the time you leave. Arriving guests are greeted with snacks and a welcome margarita.

Each day the early risers can start with fresh, hot coffee or tea. Before the first dive passengers are served their choice of continental or hot breakfast, both if you like. At lunchtime, divers come back to the lounge for a delicious 3-course lunch which includes fresh homemade soup, a hot entree and dessert. During the day there is always fresh fruit avaialable, hot chocolate and a never-ending supply of guacamole. Every night divers will enjoy a sumtuous 3-course dinner served with a house wine.

Sample Itinerary:

Socorro Island-

  • Day 1: Departure from Cabo San Lucas about 4 p.m. to San Benedicto Island.
  • Day 2: Arrival at San Benedicto about 1-2PM (crossing takes 22-24 hours) rest of the afternoon is spent diving.
  • Day 3: Day is normally spent diving around San Benedicto and considering weather possibilities for a crossing to Roca Partida. After sunset boat departs to Socorro Islands- crossing takes 4-5 hours. On occasion if weather looks good they might decide to try Roca before Socorro.
  • Day 4: Arrival Socorro Island early AM then quick check in at Navy Base for clearance. Most of this day is spent diving around Socorro Island. If conditions are good here or it is humpback whale season they might stay another day, but usually they depart back either to San Benedicto or Roca Partida after sunset.
  • Day 5: Arrival early AM to San Benedicto or Roca Partida, with diving all day.
  • Day 6, 7: These days are spent diving numerous sites around San Benedicto and/or Roca Partida previously. Both islands known for most of the large animal encounters on their trips. Departure after a full day of diving on day 7 back to Cabo.
  • Day 8:  Arrival to Cabo after a 22+ hour crossing, depending on weather conditions, which means the boat usually arrives after sunset on this day. Guests overnight in port and disembark the next morning after breakfast onboard. Solmar V’s dock has a great location near town for those who want to get off and stretch their legs or visit the local night spots.
  • Day 9: All clients must disembark after breakfast no later than 9 AM. Their crew will help you with your bags and in arranging airport transportation.

The Diving:

Diving will be done sometimes from the pangas and sometimes directly from the Solmar V, depending on the dive site and conditions. Typically the divers are divided into two groups, each with their own panga. A simple back roll and you’re enjoying the wonders each destination provides. Each pangas has a sturdy side ladder so you can don your gear in the water and easily climb up after your dive. The dive deck is very spacious and designed for flow and ease of use.

Guadalupe Island Shark Diving- The diving here is done in cages. For these trips, Solmar V will bring three state-of-the-art shark cages; two float at the surface at the back of Solmar V and one is a submersible that sits at about 30′. These trips are limited to only 16 divers so you’ll have plenty of time with the sharks and more room in the cage. Air is supplied from the surface so you don’t need a tank. Diving is done all day, rotating divers every hour.

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