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Sea Hunter combines the large platform, functionality and powerful machinery of a workboat witht he comforable and relaxed interior of a modern yacht. She is 115 feet of flexible capacity and convenience, a dedicated dive cruiser with a gloval reach, specifically designed and built for long-range expeditions to destinations like Cocos and Malpelo Islands. Sea Hunter has 10 guest cabins with private baths, furnishing liveaboard comfort for up to 20 passengers.

This spacious boat is everthing that a serious diver or photographer could wish for- individual gear storage, private camera/strobe storage shelves with 110 & 220-volt AC power and even a private washer and dryer for client’s towels and bathing suits.


The menu aboard offers a delicious combination of American and local cuisine. Meals are varied and well balanced, and they also offer delicious snacks between dives. Food is abundant with plenty of fresh tropical fruit and salads and is served buffet style. Soft drinks are included, however a bottle of wine can be purchased on board. Hard liquor is not available on board but guests are welcome to bring their own, which should be purchased prior to boarding.

Sample Itinerary:

  • Arrival Day- You must arrive at least one day prior to the boat departure date.
  • Day 1- Between 8am and 1pm Hunter group will pick up from certain hotels and transfer everybody by bus to Puntarenas where you will board the vessel. When all passengers have arrived on board, the vessel will take a 32-36 hour cruise out to Cocos Island.
  • Day 2- A travel day.
  • Days 3-8- Spent diving the pinnacles around the perimeter of Cocos Island. Divers usually average three dives per day at depths of 60-100 feet (18-30 meters) or more. This, of course, is what the whole trip is about.
  • Day 9- Make the last 3 dives before the cruise back to Costa Rica
  • Day 10- All day to discuss the diving and compare your adventures!
  • Day 11- Arrival in Puntarenas. Immediately after breakfast you will be transported back to San Jose.

The Diving:

Dive Experience for Cocos & Malpelo:

Cocos Island presents the same diving challenges as any other Pacific, Indian or Red Sea diving location. Cocos, however, is not recommended for inexperienced divers because it is an open ocean destination that requires advanced open water diving skills.

Please note, the minimum required level of certification to dive at Cocos is Open Water with the additional Specialties of Deep & Night Diver. It is also recommended to have a minimum of 25 hours of diving experience.

Most dives are at depths deeper than 60 feet/ 18 meters. At Cocos currents and visibility can be entirely different in just a few hours. Please note, the dive guide will always be the final authority as to whether a passenger can do any specific dive.

Malpelo Island can offer more challenging conditions. At this time Undersea Hunter group are not scheduling regular trips to Malpelo.

Diving Conditions: Most of the action is at 60-90 feet/ 18-27 meters, and most dives are between 60-130 feet/ 18-40 meters. The safety limit is set at 130 feet/ 40 meters and a dive computer is necessary. Visibility averages 60-100 ft/ 18-30m.

Water Temperature: Average temperature is 79 F to 84 F (26 C to 29 C), although it can be a few degrees lower under the occasional thermocline.

Please note, Malpelo can have significantly cooler temperatures.

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