The MV Orion was built in September 2009 in the North of the Maladives. It is a 135ft Safari boat situated in the clear waters of the Maldives. With 4 Dive Guides, MV Orion has more guides than any other boat in the Maldives, allowing for smaller groups that are split based on experience, to maximize the experience for all.


There are 11 guests rooms, each finished with the luxury and ambiance of a Maldivian Luxury Resort. Every room comprises of double/twin beds, a mini-bar, Plasma TV, Electronic Combination Safe, as well as beautifully tiled bathrooms. All of the rooms have en suire toilet and shower facilities. Passengers are usually a good international mix of young and old, divers and non-divers, and a house-party atmosphere swiftly develops. This is helped by the lack of formality in dress code that preaches nothing more than shorts by day and casual outfits at nightThe heart of camraderie on Orion is the air-conditioned bar offering cocktails, tea & coffee, soft drinks, spirits and a collection of wine and champagne.


Meals on board ORION are buffets with breakfast cooked to order, lunch and dinner with soup, salad, fruits and a choice of main courses. Catered special dishes can also be arranged upon request.

The Diving:

Types of Dives and what you will find:

Manta Cleaning Station: As the name suggests at these types of dive sites you will find Manta Rays between 3.5 and 6m wide cleaning over a large coral block filled with tiny Cleaning Wrasse. The Mantas gracefully hover over the Cleaning Station, while the Cleaning Wrasse swim up and nibble away the unwanted parasites. The ballet can last for up to an hour with up to 20 Mantas if one is lucky.

Where & when:

  • January-April: Western Side of Ari Atoll with current flowing from the East, flowing out of the Atoll.
  • June-November: Eastern Side of North & South Male, Baa Atoll and Lhaviyani Atolls with the current flowing from the West out of the atoll.

Thila/Giri: These are Dhivehi words for Pinnacle, which can be described as submerged mountains rising up from the floor of the Atoll between 40m-25m at the bottom up to between 15m and 1m at the top. If the top of the Pinnacle is deeper than 4m it is called a Thila, if it’s shallower then it is known as a Giri. Due to their sharp incline, Thila’s are exhilarating with a concoction of Dog-Tooth Tuna, Jacks, Eagle Rays, Grey Reef Sharks, Trevally and thousands of Red Tooth Trigger Fish, Blue Striped Snapper, and Fusiliers.

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