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The luxury liveaboard M/V Galapagos Sky is a 100 ft. state-of-the-art liveaboard diving yacht exploring the fabled waters of the Galapagos Islands. It was designed by DivEncounters President Peter Hughes and current owner Santiago Dunn in the year 2000, and launched in 2001. Galapagos Sky hosts 16 passengers in 8 luxury cabins.


Eight private en-suite cabins with two twin or one king size bed options. Each cabin features a private head/shower, mirrored cabinet and wardrobe, bathrobes, hairdryer and biodegradable, marine safe toiletries.

The elegant M/V Galapagos Sky is fully air-conditioned and features a spacious lounge area and fine dining area. There is ample storage space.

Sample Itinerary:

DivEncounters’ liveaboard diving cruises to Galapagos are seven night cruises, and the itinerary offers a total of approximately 17-18 dives and 2 land excursions on every trip.

You will visit Wolf and Darwin Islands on every trip- the diving there is arguably the best! The Galapagos Sky itinerary has two days with long overnight navigations in order to get to these crown jewels of world class diving. You will enjoy 3 dives per day at Wolf and Darwin.

While diving the “central islands” on your Galapagos Sky cruise you will experience the diversity of Galapagos diving. Besides the resident mantas, sharks, and whale sharks, this is also the time to photograph little Galapagos invertebrates in vibrant color as well as keep an eye out for mola molas.

During your time in the central islands, you’ll also walk in the steps of Charles Darwin, with 1 guided land excursion on the island of Santa Cruz. You will visit the Highlands in search of the Galapagos Turtles in their natural habitat and also explore the lava tubes. The second land experience you will enjoy will occur on Sunday morning at the Interprestation center in San Cristobal before your return flight to Ecuador.

The Diving:

Diving in Galapagos can be considered extreme diving as it occurs in the presence of strong currents. Diving from Tenders is also the rule and not an exception in this World Renowned destination.

Manta Season (December to May): Manta Season is the “warm season” for Galapagos diving. Air temperatures go up a few degrees, but typically the water at Wolf and Darwin Islands will be anywhere from 78-82 F, a full six-ten degrees warmer than other seasons. Despite the warmth- visibility is also usually the best Galapagos has to offer during Manta Season.

Look for walls of hammerhead around reef “points”- areas where the drop-offs take a sharp corner or turn. Nearly always- the wall of hammerheads will be facing the current- and slowly undulating their tails- just enough to maintain their position. There is also a sharp increase in the sighting of all types of rays during this time- giant mantas for sure, but also large (200 plus) schools of mobula rays, spotted eagle rays, golden rays, cow-nosed rays, and marble rays.

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