In 1989 MV Bilikiki sailed as the first full service luxury live aboard dive vessel in Solomon Islands. Since then she has gained as reputation as being among the best of the world’s live aboards Following in her tradition in 1992 MV Spirit of Solomons joined Bilikiki Cruises Ltd. as sister ship to MV Bilikiki. Both vessels boast unparalleled space and comfort, immense sun decks, plenty of covered deck space and air-conditioned accommodation. The cuisine on both boats is superb, being a blend of European, Island, and American cooking. Fresh fruits and vegetables are purchased daily from the friendly villagers en route.

Your hosts on Bilikiki and Spirit of Solomons are professional diving instructors affiliated with either NAUI or PADI.


  • All accommodations are air-conditioned.
  • Deluxe Cabins have a double bed plus a single bed above, and have private shower, toilet and hand basin.
  • Single Cabins have two single bunks and an in-cabin hand basin, and are booked on a single occupancy basis only.The six cabins share two toilets and three showers.
  • Rates include hotel or airport transfers in Honiara, onboard accommodation, meals and snacks, unlimited diving, weights and belt, tanks and air fills. Rates do not include USD $25.00 per person, per night Gov’t tax, bar drinks, Nitrox, or personal purchases.

The Diving:

Diving in Solomon Islands is spectacular. Brilliant soft and hard corals, huge sea fans and a world of pelagics as well as many unidentified species of reef fish, make diving in Solomons an adventure you won’t forget. Add to this the thrill of W.W.II wreck diving and you have the perfect diving holiday for everyone.

The walls, reefs, pinnacles and coral gardens of Solomon Islands support an amazing variety and quantity of sea creatures. The varieties of fish are staggering. Within a few yards of each other, individually or in schools can be seen anemone fish, angel fish, butterfly fish, humphead parrot fish and other reef dwellers while just a short distance away schools of barracuda, big-eye trevally and other pelagics cruise in the blue waters.

In addition to the well documented and world-renowned diving, Solomon Islands offer a hidden wealth of cultural and natural wonders.

During trips to villages you will be welcomed by the shy but friendly smiles of the Solomon Island people. Special visits to enjoy traditional dancing, taboo sites from the headhunting days, cave walks, and the sites of old W.W.II artifacts, can all be arranged.

For the naturalists there is a rich and varied bird, reptile and plant life. The birds most commonly seen are cockatoos, brightly coloured parrots and lorikeets, eagles, frigate birds and ospreys but many other wait to be identified, while on land a number of types of lizards, iguanas and other reptiles can be spotted. Palms, tropical varieties of almond trees, wild ginger, and wild orchids as well as more exotic plants grace the shoreline.

In the evenings try your hand, along with the crew, fishing for kingfish, wahoo, yellowtail tuna, or whatever luck brings you.

Whatever your interests Solomon Islands can offer you an intriguing and rich variety of experiences.

Whether you are a devoted diver interested in our now famous unlimited-diving charters, someone who is interested in the culture and natural beauty of the islands, or someone who would like to combine the best of both worlds, contact us and let us know your interests, and we will design the idea holiday for you.
Popular with underwater photographers and those with a keen eye for the small and unusual critters are “muck dives”. The amount and variety of sealife is astounding. Manta shrimp, ghost pipefish, and pygmy seahorses are only a few examples of what you may find.

Diving is done in the mother ship fashion with each vessel having two 21 foot aluminum dive tenders which drop the divers exactly on the dive site and pick them up wherever they may surface. There is no need for long swims or fighting currents. With a crew of eleven plus two managers on each boat, the only time you will need to touch your diving equipment will be when it is on your back, while you enjoy the underwater wonders. Our well trained crew will load and unload all tanks and will even rinse your gear for you.

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